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A Guide To Roof Inspection Every Homeowner Needs To Know

So are thinking that you need a brand new roof. You ask for a quote and some roofing contractors visit your house. They say they need to do a roof inspection. They go out, circle your house, and even go up your roof. What do you think are they doing? Are they looking for something? … Continue reading A Guide To Roof Inspection Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Are Roof Inspections Necessary?

In several states, particularly those that experience a higher amount of hail and snow, when purchasing a house, it is usually important to have a professional roof inspection. As a matter of fact, several lenders ask this to be carried out before they provide a check for the loan. In many states, a roof that … Continue reading Are Roof Inspections Necessary?

Tips For Roof Inspection

People usually make a habit of checking their roof in the autumn, before the long winter season sets in. Unless you’re having problems with visible leakage, inspecting your roof a bit more often than just once a year is recommended. Roofing material, just like anything else, can be subjected to wear and tear, and it … Continue reading Tips For Roof Inspection