New Roof: Is It Time For One?

new roofWhen is the right time to call it in and get a new roof? Are there any signs that can be easily identified that could tell the homeowner that a new roof is due? In case you’re wondering, there are obvious signs that could tell you that your current roof is in need of a replacement. However, for the most part, you will need the assistance of a roofing contractor to assess the quality of your roof whether it could still be salvaged or not. Here are some indicators that you should have your current roof replaced:

Common signs that call for a new roof

  1. Holes in the roof – you might think that holes on the roof are easily detected. However, not all of them are easily found. One easy way to detect them, though, is to go to the attic and start inspecting. You’re lucky enough if you find light passing through a hole. Most of the time, you would find watermarks that indicate a leak on the roof which mean there are holes.
  1. Water damage – when there is visible staining on your ceiling due to water damage, you know that it is serious. Roofs are designed to lead water to the gutters and through the downspouts. However, when leaks occur, water damage is bound to happen. If your roof is not regularly inspected by a roofing contractor, your roof is at risk of this kind of problem.
  1. Broken shingles – unlike leaks, broken shingles are easier to detect. Even with a simple visual inspection, you can spot roof shingles that have been worn out. On the other hand, broken shingles don’t necessarily mean that you need a new roof. You can have a roofer come over and check to see if you could get away with just roof repair.
  1. Mold growth – in areas with a lot of moisture, a lot of trees, and little sunshine, you can expect mold to proliferate on the roof. Again, this is not that serious of a problem at first. When mold is first sighted, the roof must be cleaned and the mold removed. You don’t necessarily need roof repair in North Myrtle Beach if you find mold. However, take too long to act and you will find yourself looking for a contractor to do repairs.
  1. External damage – there are a lot of causes for external roof damage. Fallen trees, bad weather, and animal infestation are among the reasons for external roof damage. In areas where trees grow near homes, fallen branches are a common problem. While it does not happen often, it is not an unknown issue. Strong winds during a storm, for instance, could dislodge a number of shingles. You would need repair after but not typically a new roof. In severe conditions, though, you might want to reconsider.

There are a lot of causes of roof damage. However, there is basically a few ways on how you could get the most out of your roof. Always have your roof maintained by professionals like NMB Roofing Pros. A proper roof inspection can add more years to your roof that would have otherwise been lost if no maintenance was done.

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