5 Common Threats To Your Roof

roofing contractorYour roof protects your house from harsh weather, offers insulation, and drains water away from your house, making it a crucial part of the structure. Performing routine maintenance and inspections on your roof are among the best methods to make sure that your house is prepared to take care of regular weather conditions, however, you should also prepare yourself or unexpected threats. Even though some roofing materials are tougher than others, sometimes damage just occurs. In case you are worried that it is damaged, evaluate your roof for problems and consider calling a roofing contractor to conduct the inspection. In terms of the condition of your home’s roofing, you should never wait around because the risk is not worth it.

A healthy roof is key to protecting your investment.


Maybe one of the most obvious problems, falling limbs and trees can wreak havoc on your roof, which could lead to holes, gaps, and punctures. Another possible danger that you need to watch out for is tree debris like pine needles, leaves, and sticks. If you allow tree debris to accumulate on your roof, you are allowing it to become a mulch of all sorts. This mulch has loads of moisture, which could lead to deterioration, rot, and mold. In cases of severe damage, get in touch with your roofing contractor for roof repair.


Hail storms are bad enough on their own but things are made much worse as they can affect your roof. Although older roofing systems are at a greater risk for damage, hail storms will likely damage any roof for any age and material. Common problems caused by hail include puncture marks, premature aging, erosion, bare spots, cracking, and missing shingles.


Although flat roofs are at risk for pooling and ponding of water, other roofing systems may also be at risk of ponding. Standing water on the roof creates algae and debris that can negatively affect the structural integrity of your roof.

Snow and Ice

In several regions, snow and ice on your roof during winter is nothing new. The accumulation of snow and ice isn’t in itself dangerous, however, it could lead to the formation of ice dams. Ice dams happen when the heat from your house moves to the attic and then melts the snow on the roof. Before the snow melt could drain off the roof, it will refreeze near the edges, which will then create a dam that will block more snowmelt from leaving your roof. If the snow becomes too heavy, it could damage your roof. Always get a roof repair if you spot any signs of damage to your roof.


Some homeowners like the way moss look on their roof while others don’t. Whether you like it or not, moss keeps moisture that could lead to cracks, leaks, and deterioration. It could also affect the overall drainage of the roof by blocking drainage paths like the gutters. You need to keep your roof free of moss by cleaning it regularly. If you do not want to clean your roof by yourself, there are other solutions that could help. For instance, you can use zinc and copper strips to prevent moss from growing. Keep in touch with experts like NMB Roofing Pros for all things related to roofing.

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