Roofing Basics – 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer

roofing contractorIf you see that there are visible damages to your roof like missing shingles or leaks in your attic, you should let your roofing contractor know about it immediately. Roofing problems should never be taken lightly as it may affect the other parts of your home, leading to even more problems that you started. Here are some of the issues most commonly addressed by roofing professionals:

Issues roofing companies often deal with

Leaks – by far, this is the most common issue among all. Despite being intended to keep the elements out, water just finds its way in even if it means going through your roof. Leaks come from a variety of factors. Broken shingles from a fallen branch or tree could easily cause leaks. It would be a good idea to have it checked out by a roofing contractor right away.

Animal intrusion – if you live in a neighborhood with plenty of trees nearby, chances are that a few critters would wander into your home through small spaces in your home. Your roof, especially your attic, can be a nice hideout for squirrels, rats, raccoons, and other animals. Given there’s not much human traffic in this area, means there’s plenty of room for them to settle in. If that’s the case, call in pest control to get rid of these critters before any harm is done to your home.

Poor energy efficiency – when you have roof damage, expect your energy bills to rise. Your HVAC system will work harder due to the effects of the damage on your roof. However, the increase in energy consumption may vary depending on the severity of the damage on your roof.

5 questions you need to ask your roofer

What causes the damage? – There will be an underlying cause of the damage on your roof. And as for repairs, the cost will weigh heavily on what caused the damage, which is why you should ask your roofer what caused the damage.

Did any animals get into my roof? – If certain animals get into your roof, the likelihood of damage will be high. Rats and squirrels can chew on wires and shred insulation, causing your roof to lose its insulating properties. What’s even more problematic is when the animals remain undetected as the problem could go on for longer.

Do you have a license and are you insured? – Whether it’s a small repair, major overhaul, or if you’re having a new roof installed, you should only work with a licensed and insured roofer.

Do you perform aftercare? – Cleanup after the job is necessary. However, it should be clear before work starts who will do the cleaning afterward. Most roofers like NMB Roofing Pros won’t be surprised about this question and will always offer a win-win option every time.

Do you have warranties? – It is always best to ask the contractor whether or not they have a warranty period for their work. Having one written on paper ensures that the customer will get the necessary attention when something goes wrong a few days, weeks, or months after the repair or installation has been completed.

Call NMB Roofing Pros if you want to make sure that you are working only with a reputable and experienced roofing company.

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