Common Areas On The Roof Where Leaks Often Develop

roofing contractorYou can find leaks just about anywhere on your roof. However, it’s not often at random. There are areas where leaks are more prevalent. Any roofing contractor can point out these problem areas. By knowing where to start your search, finding the leaks will theoretically be a lot easier. Of course, it is still easier said than done but you have at least a few good places to start your search.

Here are the common places where roof leaks often come from:

The gutter line

While you typically won’t start your search in the gutters, you should check them out. Gutters are installed to divert water away from the roof and down the drain. However, heavy rains mean more water. If the gutter is full and the drain leading to the downspout is clogged, water has nowhere to go. This is when things get messy. Instead of draining the water away from the house, all that extra rainwater will seep into the lower parts of the roof and possibly start leaks. The problem with a blocked gutter is the size of the affected area. On the other hand, this is easily averted. A North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor can clean your gutters for you. If not, you can always do the cleaning one weekend.


Roof leaks often develop in areas where there’s penetration or a break in the row of shingles. Skylights are among those areas. Although sealed, the surrounding area of the skylights could leak. This happens when the adhesive keeping the skylights watertight starts to harden and crumble. However, leaks can be prevented by re-sealing the gaps. This must be done at the first signs of leaks. Doing so will keep costly roof repair at bay.


There are areas of your roof where slopes intersect. These differing angles need to be married and sealed to create a waterproof bond. What’s used to keep the bond watertight are flashings. These flashings could either be plastic or thin metal strips. They are placed in these junctions to keep water out. However, just like with the seals used on skylights, the adhesive holding down the flashings could deteriorate over time. This then provides an opportunity for leaks to develop.

Areas of the roof near trees

It’s quite often that trees near the roof grow branches that touch the roof itself. The wind can cause these branches to rub against the roof, causing openings that could create leaks. The easiest solution is to prune the trees to keep any overhanging branches from falling or rubbing against the roof.

For any roofing issues, it is recommended to call an expert like NMB Roofing Pros. There’s no better way to deal with roofing problems than to have a professional roofer take a look at the issue and provide a suitable fix.

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