Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

roof leaksRoof leaks are two words that homeowners dread the most. Water is a cunning foe because it can easily get inside your home through its most vulnerable defenses. When it gets inside, the destruction and the damage might be happening far from the place of the initial attack, which will make the source of the roof leaks hard to spot. Fast action and vigilance is your best defense as a homeowner, perhaps you will soon get a new roof and it might seem as if you don’t have to bother if your roof has a leak. But keep in mind that even just the smallest, out-of-the-way leak in your house might seem like nothing at first but it could very well be a major problem that can be costly to repair.

According to NMB Roofing Pros, roof leaks can easily ruin your home’s insulation, turn into the ideal spot for black mold growth, ruin your walls and interior ceilings, and cause your wooden framing to rot.

Provided below are some of the most common causes of roof leaks and what you can do about it:


Asphalt shingles and other similar materials become old and tired which is why there is a great need for roof inspection when the roof is more than two decades old. The changes in temperature will cause contraction and expansion, which eventually makes the aging roof to become brittle and to crack easily. After being exposed to the harsh rays of the sun for several years, the tar that keeps composition singles intact will melt. So when your roof has already reached its life expectancy limit, you will have to save up for a new roof once you notice signs of roof leaks.

Brick Chimneys

If you check out house ruins from two centuries ago, you will find that the chimney is almost always what standing remains. Brick chimneys appear like it is indestructible. But, the mortar that keeps the bricks together is just a hardworking blend of water, cement, and sand. When exposed to the elements for a long time, it will eventually crumble and erode. You should inspect the mud cap at the upper part of the roof for signs of deterioration and check the mortared joints where the chimney joins the roof. In case patches are needed, it is affordable and a simple fix.


Since we are on the topic of chimneys, another common problem when it comes to the roof is a compromised flashing. Flashing is a thin strip of metal that is installed at spots that are susceptible to roof leaks. The flashing has to be sealed properly to prevent water from getting in. It must also be kept nailed in its proper place. Additionally, the metal can still crack or rust even if all of these have been squared away. Flashing replacement will cost you a few hundred dollars, based on the size of the job and the material required. Even though it might be tempting to just caulk and use roof cement for roof repair North Myrtle Beach, it will just be a temporary solution especially if you already know that the roof needs to be replaced soon. You might eventually need the help of a North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor.

Missing Shingles

In case you notice shingles scattered in your garden, you can expect rainwater to get inside your home when the next rainstorm comes. Changing a shingle will require you to pry off the nails, taking out and installing new shingles into place. Unless you have leftover shingles that were left out to weather, never expect a perfect match in terms of the color. This is also applicable to shingles, even though you might not notice the problematic shingle until there’s a leak. You have to consider the pitch of the roof before you can decide if this task can be a DIY or require the help of an expert roofing contractor.

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