The Costs Of Getting A New Roof

new roofIt’s not very often that homeowner shops around for a new roof. After all, roofs are mostly rated to last anywhere in between 15-25 years. Of course, that number is just on paper and what transpires in real life might be different. However, the point here is that homeowners will inevitably need to have their roof replaced. The question now is how much a new roof costs and what affects the overall price.

Here are some commonly asked questions about getting a new roof

  1. How can I know the cost of getting a roof replacement?

The average cost of getting a North Myrtle Beach new roof is around $7,800. Of course, the price may go up or down depending on the roofing contractor you hire, the materials you choose, and the roof design that you have in mind. To give you a good estimate of just how much you are going to spend, gather quotes from different roofers. Doing so will give you an idea of how much you’re looking to spend.

  1. Should I just repair my roof instead of having it replaced?

This is a question that a lot of homeowners ask. The first thing that you need to know is that an inspection has to be done. There’s no accurate way to find out the state of your roof if a thorough inspection is not carried out. Hire a roofing contractor to perform the inspection. It also helps to consider the following:

  • Check the age of your roof.
  • Check for damages.
  • Mull over any plans of selling the house.
  1. Do roofers need a license to operate?

In most parts of the United States, roofers have required a license before they can begin their operation. This is to ensure that the contractors are indeed qualified to undertake huge tasks such as installing a new roof. The contractors undergo stringent examinations and guidelines in order for them to acquire a license which is good news for the end consumer.

  1. Can I do my own roof replacement?

In theory, anyone can replace their own roof. However, it is not advised. You may save money if you install your own roof but it comes with great risk. A major-scale roofing project like roof repair is no easy feat to accomplish. One wrong move and you might end up ruining the entire build. It’s always best to leave this task to the professionals.

  1. Will my homeowner’s insurance cover the costs of a new roof?

Another interesting topic is the home insurance coverage. While a home insurance policy often pays for a roof replacement, it will only happen in events where the roof is damaged by natural calamities such as storms, hurricanes, and or fire. Neglect and natural wear will not be grounds for a payoff.

  1. Does a new roof bring down insurance premiums?

Yes. Unlike an older roof, a newer one poses less risk which means lower insurance premiums. It also pays off to hire an expert like NMB Roofing Pros for the maintenance of the roof. A well-maintained roof means your insurance provider will need to pony up in case your roof gets damaged by natural calamities.

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