Understanding The Differences Between Flat And Pitched Roof

new roofWe are all acquainted with pitched roofs. It’s everywhere around us. If you live in a suburban area, it’s all that you would probably sit on top of houses. On the other hand, flat roofs are more commonly used for buildings and similar structures. While it is also used in residential applications, most homeowners would not prefer to get a flat type for a new roof. It’s simply unsightly and not common to see. It’s for this reason why we mostly see pitched roofing in most residential areas.

Consult your local roofing contractor for any issues you may have on your roof

If you’re wondering if a flat roof is really flat or not, it’s actually not leveled horizontally. Flat roofs still need a little bit of slope to them to make sure the water drains away in a certain direction. Most flat roofs are really low sloped roofs. These type of roofs are not made in the same way they are with pitched roofs. Instead of regular shingles, low sloped roofs are made differently than you would have a conventional new roof in North Myrtle Beach. Low sloped roofs are normally installed with a membrane sheet to ensure that there are no leaks. Shingles may still be an option but it will be problematic as water could easily leak through.

How to prevent flat roof failure

Flat roofs have a bad reputation in commercial applications. They easily leak, they don’t shed water evenly, and leaks are harder to find than that of a pitched roof. However, all of these issues could be averted through proper installation, inspection, and maintenance. If ever you have a structure that has a flat roof, don’t hesitate to contact your local roofing contractor for assistance. You might not know that a problem is already brewing on your roof.

Why hire a professional roofing contractor?

When it comes to your roof, there’s no easy way of getting around problems. Leaks, the most common problem, can be tricky to solve. It’s not some problem that you could just grab a ladder and plug the hole on top of your roof. You will need a certain skillset to be able to fix a broken flat roof. There needs to be sufficient training to be able to determine what causes the problems and how to end it.

Hiring a professional roofing contractor like NMB Roofing Pros is one way of ensuring that your roof is in top condition. On top of that, your roof might need to be inspected thoroughly. To make sure that the roof inspector does not see any major issues on your roof, you must have it maintained by professionals. For instance, if you have a flat roof, it will need more attention. It’s always best to have your roof properly maintained regardless if it’s a pitched or flat roof. In general, regular and proper maintenance is key to increasing the longevity of any kind of roof.

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