How Extreme Cold Weather Damages Your Roof And Home

roof inspectionThe cold of winter has a number of effects on the environment, people, and houses. Extreme winter conditions can have adverse effects on a house. Not only will the cold weather increase your energy bill, but it also comes with some potential consequences to your home. The roof, in particular, is one of the areas that is directly affected. Although the roof is designed to protect the house from the elements, it is not immune to the effects of extreme weather changes. This is why a roof inspection is important before winter comes.

How the cold winter weather affects your roof, plumbing, and home in general

Cold weather affects the interior of your home

During winter, people normally beef up their insulation. Essentially, the home is like an airtight box during this time. No air can go in and out unless the doors and windows are opened specifically for that reason. There are a few issues that winter causes inside the home. First, there’s the increased humidity when the heat pumps are cranked up. On the flip side, air could also become thin due to the extreme cold. That’s why a lot of homes use humidifiers to even out the level of humidity in the air. Germs, dust, mites, microbes, and more could be trapped inside the home. You’d be lucky if your air filters catch all of them before you do.

Cold weather could wreak havoc to plumbing

Winter can bring some really nasty plumbing issues. Pipes could freeze over and burst. Much worse, your water heating system could break down. However, there are ways on how such problems could be avoided altogether. Before winter, hire a plumber to inspect your plumbing. Fall is the best time to do home maintenance chores. This is the time when the weather is still on your side. It is best if you could hire a plumber as early as possible to keep plumbing issues at bay.

Your roof could get damaged during the winter

According to NMB Roofing Pros, the innards of most roofing structures are made out of wood. This is because wood is inexpensive and they provide good insulation. However, the cold winter weather won’t go easy on your roof. The outside temperatures could go below freezing while the inside temperature could be warm and cozy. This pressure difference can cause a phenomenon called a truss lift. This is when the trusses are lifted and cracked due to the temperature difference. This normally happens where your roof is improperly insulated or the ventilation is not working efficiently. Be sure that you have the roof inspected by a roofing contractor before winter.

During the winter, roof ventilation is important. Cold temperatures could spell disaster for your roof if there’s a disparity between the inside and the outside of your roof. Aside from proper ventilation, the roof must also be properly insulated. Only a North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor can tell you whether or not the ventilation in your roof is adequate.

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