How Often Do You Need Roof Replacement?

roof replacementAre you a homeowner who has lived in your home for some time and wondering if it is time for a roof replacement? Do you have a question about the lifespan of an older roof on your home? Let’s talk about how often your roof should be replaced.

The Average Life Expectancy for a Roof

A roof’s lifespan is not set in stone. It relies on the roof material, the maintenance and the conditions it has been placed under. However, you can get an idea of the average lifespan of different roofing types.

Roof Replacement Based On The Type of Roofing Material

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials. They can last between 20 and 30 years. They are average in durability. However, the climate and other conditions can reduce their lifespan.

Cement and Clay Tile Roofing

Clay and cement tile roofing systems have non-fading earthy tones and can last from 50 to 100 year. They can also withstand strong winds, flames, and water leaks as well as pest infestations.

Slate Tile

Slate roofs are known for their long-lasting durability. They can last between 75 and 125 years if they are maintained properly. They can also prevent mold growth and they’re resistant to flames.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles have a sleek and natural exterior. If they are maintained well, wood shingles can last between 30 and 40 years.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are more conventional than wood shingles. They can last for 20-40 years and have a traditional or rustic look. These are the perfect match for homeowners looking to create a warm and inviting home.

Metal roofing

A metal roof is a good choice if you are looking for low cooling costs. Metal roofing is strong and durable. It can withstand strong winds. The service life of a metal roof is between 40 to 70 years. Metal roofs reflect sunlight and offer insulation all year.

Other Factors That Lead To Roof Replacement Sooner

There are many pros and cons to choosing the right roof material. These can impact your roof’s overall life expectancy. However, materials are not the only thing to consider. These factors may make roofs more likely to need replacement.


Weather is the most important environmental factor that can have a huge impact on your roof’s service life. Strong winds, heavy rains and hail can cause cracks or dents that will require a new roof.


Your roof can be damaged faster by extreme heat and cold. This is particularly true if your roofing material is not suitable for your climate.

The Sunlight’s Intensity and Amount

The amount of sun that hits your roof can affect its lifespan, just like weather and climate. Colored roofs, for example, can absorb heat faster than lighter-colored roofing systems. Metal roofs are a great alternative that reflects sunlight and maximizes energy efficiency. They also wear down faster.

Slope of Roof

Your roof’s slope and design are important in managing and directing water flow to your gutters. This prevents water from pooling and damaging boards. A slope that is perfect will allow water flow. If your roof slopes too low or flat, it’s more likely that you will need to have your roof replaced sooner than you expected.

Poor Installation

Poor workmanship can lead to cracks, leaks, and other premature failures. This will reduce the lifespan of your roof. Make sure to hire a professional roofing contractor with excellent reviews for each job.


Regular roof maintenance is important to extend your roof’s life expectancy. It is important to address minor problems before they become major problems in order to get the most out of your roof’s life expectancy. Let an expert roofer take care of this job for you.

How often should you replace your roof?

It’s not something you need to do every day. We encourage you to schedule an inspection of your roof to find out how it is holding up, and the timeline.

Call NMB Roofing Pros now. We will send a roofing expert to assess your roof and provide you with a solid understanding of your roof’s life expectancy.

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