Maintenance And Leak Prevention Tips From a Roofing Contractor

roofing contractorA leaky roof is among the most common and expensive issues that a roofing contractor deals with all the time. Needless to say, several property owners don’t have the desire or the expertise to inspect and fix their roofing problems. However, even professionals find the source of the leak elusive since it hardly ever lines up with where water is getting inside your house.

Roofers become somewhat like detectives to search out and identify the source of the leak and the path that the water follows.

But you can avoid all of this pain by having a comprehensive roof maintenance program. Even the National Roofing Contractors Association suggests regular roofing inspection and maintenance prevent future problems.

After all, homeowners cannot expect:

  1. A heat pump to function properly if the filter was never replaced.
  2. A car to function if the oil was never changed.

However, many of them install a roof and believe that is the end of the story.

Before a roof inspection, the roofing contractor will look around from the ground and ask questions like if there are animals around the house, extreme weather recently, trees, falling debris, satellite or cable work, or maybe an accident that may have caused damage to the roof.

When on the roof, there are a few things to do to find future leaks and determine the most appropriate roof maintenance program that can help locate potential issues well before they cause any damage.

Roofing Contractor Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. If it pops through the roof, check it – The most common sources are penetrations and they commonly stop the natural flow of water from the roof. A few places where you should check for leaks include:
  • Chimneys – the most common leak source. Does your chimney have a crack in it? Is it correctly step flashed as well as counter flashed? Does it require sealing?
  • Skylights – water tends to get trapped behind the skylights. Be sure to check if the flashing has been repaired correctly in the past or if the skylight is leaking.
  • Plumbing vents – Do the vents stacks have rubber or neoprene that may have cracked due to natural wear and tear? Do they have to be painted or sealed? Did you notice signs that little critters have chewed on the flashing or pipe?
  • Is the cable or satellite flashed correctly?
  1. Living On The Edge – a drip edge is visually unattractive and it is important to make sure that water is moved off the roof or kept away from the fascia.
  • A missing drip edge is a common source of leaks in the eaves and is the common cause of rotting wood. Rain that is driven by wind will get into the gaps between the fascia board and the roof deck.
  • A drip edge will keep insects, snakes, and critters. Be sure to check the drip edge when searching for leaks.
  1. Every Step You Take – Spots, where step flashing needs to be installed, are common sources of leaks and spots to maintain. Among the areas you should check for damages are:
  • Dormers
  • Roof-to-wall transitions
  • Wherever subpar sealant or mastic was previously used.
  1. What Is In Your Attic? – In many cases, homeowners think the roof is the main suspect, however, problems come from incorrect ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, vent fans, condensation, and bug or animal infestation in your attic. Be watchful of the following:
  • Mold
  • Algae stains on the interior plywood
  • Soaked insulation even if it hasn’t rained
  • Black rust or rings surrounding the nails, which is the first indication that moisture is going through condensation in the attic spaces.
  • Do you have problems with insufficient ventilation that may be causing the attic to accumulate moisture or overheat?
  • Check if the intake vents are clogged with spider webs, paint, or insulation.
  1. Check The Gutter – several homeowners fail to realize that gutters play a vital role in their homes. They have to be installed as well as sloped correctly to drain. They should also be free of debris and tightly fastened. Roofing contractors in North Myrtle Beach must emphasize to homeowners that gutter maintenance must be left at the hands of the pros. They should know about the risks of getting on ladder and etc.

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