Roofing 101 – Reasons Why You Never Install A New Roof Over An Old One

new roofIf you are planning to get your roof done, you should always consider tearing off the old roof before installing the new roof. Basically, there are two methods being used when it comes to installing a new roof if there’s an existing one in place. The first method is the overlay method. Going by its name, the overlay method lays over a new roof over the old one. The second method is the tear-off method which involved removing the old roof before installation of the new one can begin. While it may be tempting to do an overlay install because it’s cheaper, you should be wary of these options. Here’s why:

Why you should go with the tear-off method when doing a roof replacement

  1. Areas with leaks must be addressed properly – rather than patching up the areas that had leaks on them, it’s better to sort them out properly to avoid complications in the future. If there are leaks, there’s more reason why you should tear off the old roof. To figure out the whole extent of the damage, tearing off the old roof is the best solution. Patching things up won’t make the cut. Although an overlay won’t take up as much man hours than a complete tear off would, it comes with certain risks. Areas that observe the International Building Code will not allow installation of new roofing on top of an existing one.
  1. Rot could go from bad to worse – rotten wood hiding under your roof could go worse real quick and it could even affect other areas as well. That is the reason why when doing a roof replacement, it is necessary that the old roof is taken off completely. Overlay installation will only make things worse. If the rot is not removed or left untreated, it could compromise the roofing structure, leading to even bigger problems down the line.
  1. The added weight is not good for your roof – when you do an overlay installation, you’re not just adding a new roof but you’re also adding more weight. This may not be a problem with more recent homes, but it could be disastrous for older houses. Many older homes have rafters that may not be up to date with today’s standards. Newer roofs don’t have such issues, but older roofs may have significant problems if the roof replacement is done via the overlay method.
  1. Shorter roof life – the lifespan of a roof installed via the overlay method will have a significantly lower lifespan compared to a roof installed through the tear-off method. In its essence, the tear-off method is quite similar to installing a roof on a house for the first time. Everything will be accounted for and the structural integrity of all segments are up to par with current standards. One thing to note, though, is choosing the roofing contractor that installs the roof. Always make sure that the roofing contractor you choose is highly qualified for the job. Experts like NMB Roofing Pros have been in the industry for a long time, making them a suitable option.

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