A New Roof And What It Involves

new roofWhen people talk about getting a new roof, they mostly talk about the costs and the materials. Most people don’t really go through all the details that make up a new roof. Basically, having a new roof installation involves a number of things and not just the roofing materials that you can see on the exterior. There’s a lot more that goes on under your roof that you might not know about. The areas that make up the roof structure should be known as these are also included in the overall cost of having a new roof installed.

Things about a new roof that you should ask your roofing contractor

Ridge board – this is the part where the upper ends of the rafters are connected to. It’s basically the horizontal beam that runs through the length of the roof. That forms the primary support for the rafters.

Rafters – these are the sloped beams that connect from the ridge board down to the eaves. The rafters are what support the roofing materials that you often see. It also helps keep the roofing structure solid and for the roofing contractor to be able to walk on.

Ceiling joists – these are installed in parallel to the ridge board across the rafters in equal spaces. This is what protects from the weight of the roofing materials combined.

Eave – the eaves are the lower edges of a roof that keeps the water away from the walls. It’s important to have them in place to keep water from dripping downward.

Sheathing – this is the flat panel that is laid on top of the beams which provide a solid layer for which the outer roofing materials will attach to. It’s also an essential piece of the new roof North Myrtle Beach structure.

Tips on finding the right contractor

The primary step in any service plan is making the very first get in touch with. In this instance, it’s the homeowner who seeks the specialist and also not the other way around. You can typically find the internet sites, e-mails, as well as telephone number of roofing contractors like NMB Roofing Pros conveniently available. Let them understand what you need and also they will certainly establish you up with a meeting with one of their roofing system inspectors.

After the meeting has actually been set up, you will certainly be getting a confirmation of when the conference will occur. This is to make sure that both events are on the website of the meeting, which goes to the property owner’s residential property. What happens next is obvious.

The workers that the roofing contractor has sent out over will go over with you just how the roofing substitute will certainly take place along with other variables entailed. There’s no precise quote that will certainly be given now. A rough estimate may be given yet it will either shrink or expand depending on the outcomes of the assessment. It’s also rather regular for the personnel to pitch things like a certain brand of roofing tile and the sorts.


Call NMB Roofing Pros if you want to make sure that you are working only with a reputable and experienced roofing company.

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