5 Reasons To Schedule A Roof Inspection

roof inspectionRoofs are just like tires since many people only think of them whenever a problem arises and think about replacing them only when absolutely needed. However, if tires are cared for and maintained regularly, their lifespan can be extended. In line with that, we have to make sure that the roof gets the correct maintenance it needs to boost its useful life. It also needs regular roofing inspection.

When it comes to extending the life of your roof, it all begins with regular roof inspections. According to The National Roofing Contractors Association, homeowners should have their roof inspected twice a year, once after the cold season and once after the hot summer season. It is also a wonderful idea to check the roof after a major weather event. But do you really know why your roof needs a regular inspection? What do you wish to find by doing so? All roofs must be checked regardless of whether they are steep roofs or low slope roofs and this should be done by a professional North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor.

Aging and Weathering

All roofs go through weathering and aging and when that happens, the signs are pretty visible. When your roof age and weather, openings may take place, which can lead to water infiltration. Inspecting it regularly will help discover weathered spots and let the owner call a roofing contractor who can address these deficiencies and avoid further damage.

Routine Maintenance Damage

In case your roof is not protected correctly, damage can happen from tradespeople conducting maintenance on systems like air conditioners. This, in some cases, happens due to contractors not being able to close mechanical access panels on the roof or leaving the refrigerant containers. Apart from that, maintenance tradespeople usually forget to clean up after. Things left on the roof can easily become flying objects during high and strong winds. A regular inspection by a North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor will incorporate roof care into the current maintenance cycle.

Storm Damage

Roofs have to be inspected right away especially after weather events to avoid further damage that may be caused by water infiltration. Wind or hail damage can be minor and need a bit more than just minor maintenance. But the problems can also be huge and need a roof replacement.

Leak Assessment

Leaks following a heavy rain are the main trigger for the majority of inspections. However, a leak is just a symptom of a problem that could have been accumulating for a while. In some instances, if you are hoping for a silver lining, a leak is good news because, without it, you might be having a roof problem that would become worse without you knowing about it.

Proper Drainage

Making sure that having good drainage is an extremely important reason to have regular roof inspections. Standing water conditions can be created by trash, leaves, debris, as well as thrown objects,  can cause a clogged or obstructed roof drains.

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