Roof Repair Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

roof repairRoof leaks can cause significant and costly damage to a home. Infiltrating water can lead to the destruction of plaster or drywall, lead to mold growth, and even cause rot framing. Immediate roof repair is a must once you notice the damage has occurred. Tackling a damaged roof can be as simple as applying roofing cement to a hole or it might need some time to diagnose the issue and calculate the benefits of having it repaired versus the installation of a new one.

Basic Roof Repairs

  • In case you notice that your roof is starting to leak, you need to know if it is beneficial to create permanent repairs or if you have to install a new roof. Your choices are as follows:
  • In case the roof is sound with just one or even two weak spots, the damage may have been caused by a falling branch or a windstorm. If so, permanent roof repairs are better.
  • If the roof is exhibiting signs of general deterioration, roof repairs will solve the issue for the short term only. Other roof leaks will appear. Therefore, you have to begin planning for the installation of a new roof.
  • If you can install a new roof soon, but require a few weeks for the planning and preparation, you should cover leaks with plastic sheets or plywood until the time you can begin your project.
  • If you have to wait for at least a year, you should start making permanent repairs including shingle replacement. Check the attic after every rainfall and find ways or take the necessary steps to protect your home’s interior from getting damaged by water.

Identifying Roof Problems

In case you have not noticed any roof leak, you still have to check your roof every year. You need to search for signs like cupping, water damage, splitting, and more.

Replacing Shingles and Shakes

In case during your yearly roof inspection you see some shakes or shingles need to be changed, don’t worry. You can do this task easily without having to call a roofing contractor. The first thing you have to do is to find the replacement shakes or shingles and hopefully, you managed to keep some left over from your first roof installation. Then you have to get rid of the damaged pieces, and put in a new underlayment. Add the brand new shingles and shakes.

Flat Roof Repair

In most cases, flat roofs have different coverings than that of a standard roof, therefore, the roof repair process could be a bit more complicated. You need to know how to patch big and small holes in the roof. If you don’t have the time or the tools, you can always hire a North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor to get this job done for you.

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