Roof Repair, Replacement, And Restoration

roof replacementIf there’s one type of home remodeling task that homeowners dread, it has got to be roof work. When it comes to any kind of roofing tasks such as repair, roof replacement, or restoration, it is bound to cost a significant amount of money. Homeowners don’t have much of a choice since brushing aside these tasks would mean facing an even bigger cost later on. If your roof is old, has signs of damage, and in need of changes, you might have contemplated the types of work and the cheapest you can get. This article will let you in on just what you should do.

What’s the difference between roof replacement, repair, and restoration?

Roof repair – this type of roof work is self-explanatory. Fixing missing shingles on your roof will be counted as roof repair. However, to what extent will the work still be considered as roof repair? In general, if the roofing tasks only cover 30% of the entire roof, then that’s still considered as roof repair. If it gets bigger than that, you will have to call it something else such as a roof replacement.

Roof replacement – just as what the term suggests, a North Myrtle Beach roof replacement refers to the replacement of the entire roof. If in case the roof is severely damaged or when the damages are too huge for repairs to be made, a replacement will be necessary. As you might have imagined, replacing an entire roof will be the most expensive project you can have next to having a new roof installed. In fact, there are instances wherein a roof replacement costs more than a new roof because of the difficulty of removal and installation of the new roofing materials. This brings us to the next topic.

Roof restoration – a roof restoration is basically a refresh of the existing roof. Instead of taking apart the existing roof or repairing it, a roof restoration improves and refurbishes the old roof to make it like new. Of course, just like roof repair, a restoration project involves certain measures to ensure that the roof is back to its original shape and quality.

When should you consider hiring a roofer like NMB Roofing Pros for a roof restoration?

Do bear in mind that roof restoration does not apply to every single home. There are certain conditioners that need to be met. If you are not sure about the state of your roof, have a roof inspection done. This usually solves the problem and uncovers the real state of your roof and if it qualifies for a roof restoration.

Here are instances where you could go for a roof restoration:

  • When the roof is somewhat new or at least 5 years before it reaches its estimated lifespan.
  • When you plan to sell your home and upgrade the roof to improve its quality.
  • When you already have two roofing layers and want to avoid a complete teardown.
  • When your roof is making your home too hot in the summer due to direct sunlight.

Always keep in mind that the costs of a roof restoration, repair, or replacement will vary depending on certain factors. The availability of materials and the roofing company you hire will all impact how much you will spend on your roofing project.

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