Roof Repair – Should You Have It Done Or Sell Your Home As-Is?

roof repairLet’s say you’re trying to put your home in the market. However, your roof has some amount of damage. Should you sell as-is or have it repaired first? This question is important to tackle since various instances might require different actions. Regardless of the situation, roof repair will be necessary. It’s only a matter of who pays for the repairs and when. If you’re among the homeowners stuck in between this kind of situation, read on to know the answers.

Is roof repair such a big deal?

Covering the costs of roof repair isn’t the most pleasant and satisfying means of spending money. A North Myrtle Beach roof repair could cost anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. When you put the amount of money involved in perspective, you might want to rethink your options. For savvy sellers, they know exactly how selling as-is effect the selling price. Of course, buyers that are faced with repair costs would expect to pay less. On the other hand, if the seller opts to make the necessary repairs, he or she must be prepared to face a low ROI. According to experts, a full roof replacement will only yield a 53.4% ROI while a minor rehab is at 61.7%.

What can I do to make a better decision?

If you are unsure of which path to tread, hire a roofing contractor first. A thorough roof inspection can tell you what actions are needed. This will also enable you to get a clear picture of the state of your roof and whether the needed repairs are minor or major. Getting a clear assessment of the damage from a roof inspection also lets you adjust the asking price for your home accordingly.

Why should I choose to repair my roof?

There is one reason in particular why you should proceed with repairing your roof and that’s to sell faster. The fewer problems your home has, the faster it is to sell. Well-maintained homes are likely to have more potential buyers than those that aren’t. Of course, this also comes with a few caveats especially with the money that you need to spend before closing a deal.

Why would I sell as-is and what are the consequences?

If you’re cash-strapped, you can choose to sell as-is. However, this would mean selling your home for a lower price than competing properties. On the other hand, there are other factors in play that could affect how quickly you can sell your home. A roof replacement or repair might not be the best option if you don’t have any cash on hand, but it also has its benefits. You can sell faster if you have minor or major roof repairs done. Selling as-is will let you get rid of the home quickly and move along with your other plans.


If your roof has reached the end of its useful life, repair or replacement must be made. However, to reach this conclusion, you should first seek the services of a qualified roofer. Experts such as NMB Roofing Pros can provide you with valuable services that let you know what actions to be done that will aid in selling your home.

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