Roof Replacement – The Right Time To File A Home Insurance Claim

roof replacementFiling a home insurance claim might just be your way out of that damaged roof that needs replacing. However, will there be any guarantees that the insurance provider pays up for the cost of a roof replacement? There are ways on how you could know. In this article, we’ll tell you the dos and don’ts of filing a home insurance claim.

Understanding the policy so your insurer could pay for the roof replacement

First of all, you should understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy. Basically, it’s best if you’ve read it and know the terms like the back of your hand. However, not all people take notice of all the details in the policy which leads to denied claims. Being informed is the first key. Always make sure that you understand everything before filing a claim to cover the costs of the North Myrtle Beach roof replacement.

When you should not file a claim

There are times when you should not file for a home insurance claim. It’s when things don’t line up and the odds are stacked against you. During these times, you should not file a claim:

  • The roof repair or replacement cost is lower than your deductible. If it’s only minor repairs that you are facing, just pay for it out of your own pocket. Don’t bother with smaller repairs since it’s more cost-effective for you to pay for it on your own that having your insurance pay for it. Other than getting a small amount, there’s a high likelihood of your premiums going up.
  • Roof maintenance issues caused the damage. Unless you’re certain that you regularly maintain your roof, you should not file a home insurance claim. Most insurers would dig deep into the causes of the roof damage and why it needs replacing. If they find out that it is due to lack of proper maintenance, your claim will be all for nothing.
  • You’ve already filed a claim in the last three years. If you’ve ever filed for an insurance claim before, your insurance provider already has it on record. Filing another claim after you had one over the last three years would cause you to be flagged as high-risk.

The right time to file a claim

  • The cost to repair or replace your roof is higher than your deductible. To be sure about this, hire a reliable roofer to assess the damage and calculate the costs to replace. Let’s say the cost to replace the roof costs $5000 and your deductible is only $1000, then it would be worth it to file for a claim.
  • Major roof damage. If there’s significant damage to your roof, you should file for a home insurance claim. It is basically what insurance policies are designed for. It’s highly unlikely for your roof to sustain major damages often but it pays to know when the unfortunate happens you can always file an insurance claim.
  • You’ve yet to file a claim after your last three years ago. If you haven’t filed any claim over the last three years, you should file for a claim in case there are damages to your roof. Again, hire experts like NMB Roofing Pros for a full assessment of the roof damage and help you with your claim.

If you plan on filing a claim to cover costs for a roof replacement, call NMB Roofing Pros. We can help you assess the damage, give you the right numbers, and help you with your claims.

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