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roof inspectionSo are thinking that you need a brand new roof. You ask for a quote and some roofing contractors visit your house. They say they need to do a roof inspection. They go out, circle your house, and even go up your roof. What do you think are they doing? Are they looking for something? If yes, what are they searching for?


Roof inspection can be quite confusing especially to the untrained eye. Given that, we have compiled a list containing the things that North Myrtle Beach roofing contractor look for when performing a roof inspection.


Broken or Missing Shingles


About 80% of the residential roofs in the United States are asphalt shingles. As this type of roofing material age, they start to become brittle especially after a few decades of being exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. When shingles become brittle they tend to break and crack. Wind can rip off pieces and even whole shingles can also be torn off the roof.


Once entire shingles or big parts of shingles are torn off your roof, it could also be an indication of poor roof installation. Shingles that are not installed properly will most probably fail prematurely. To make things worse, a poor install can lead to a void warranty. Manufacturers know very well that a bad installation can cause shingles to degrade ahead of time. In any case, when the shingles begin to fly, a roof replacement might be necessary to keep your roof deck all in one piece and avoid costly fixes down the line.


Moss, Mildew, and Mold


Moss, mildew, or mold can lead to unsightly patches on your roof. However, your problem is much more than just aesthetics. These types of growths can damage your shingles and underlayment. They likewise do not happen overnight and that means moss, mildew, and mold, are indications of an older roof. When your roof is being inspected, NMB Roofing Pros will keep a close eye for these signs.


All of them require and hold moisture. As they grow, they develop raised masses that can prevent water runoff. Now that more moisture is trapped on the roof’s surface, more moss, mildew, and mold will grow. It is a nasty cycle that can damage your shingles.


Ventilation Issues


Is your roof getting enough air? A lot of people do not realize that insufficient attic ventilation is among the worst nightmares any roof has to face. A poorly ventilated roof permits the entry of hot air and into the roof deck, which will age shingles that will make them brittle and lead to curling.


For houses located in areas with ice and snow, an attic that is poorly ventilated can lead to the creation of ice dams in the gutter. Ice dams can force moisture to go underneath the shingles where it can begin to rot of the roof deck.


When a roofing contractor conducts a roof inspection, they will search for eave vents, ridge vents, exhaust vents, as well as mechanical ventilation systems. These vents let air move through spaces in the attic, moving moist and warm air out while allowing the dry and cool air in. In case the roofing contractor thinks you do not have enough ventilation, they will recommend options that will help get the air moving.


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