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metal roofMetal roof has now become extremely popular and a viable choice for almost all kinds of homes, except for houses with flat roof pitches. Modern metal roofs no longer scream metal. There are several variations that look a lot like traditional asphalt shingle roofs. In case you are wondering what are the benefits of using a metal roof, here are a few important points you need to know.metal


They Are Not Just Novelty


Metal roof used to be found only on lavish houses designed by architects. This is no longer the case. North Myrtle Beach Metal roof is now installed in several traditional homes, thanks to the improved manufacturing procedures and availability.


They Can Be Installed Over Existing Roof


A metal roof could be installed over an existing roof without having to tear off the shingles, provided that local building codes permit it. Although shingle removal is the most preferred choice, tear off can be very messy and it increases the job costs. A potential issue with this kind of installation is trapping water vapor. In case it is trapped between the old and metal roofing, moisture will accumulate and lead to mold growth and rot. However, roofing contractors can install a vented metal roof that will get rid of this possible issue.


They Are No Noisier Than Asphalt Roofing


Even though it is a common belief that metal roofs are noisier than other types of roofing material especially when hail or rain falls on them. The truth is, if the metal roof is properly installed, it is not noisier than other types. Metal roof is installed on top of a solid substrate. The insulation and attic provide a sound barrier.


They Do Not Attract Lightning


Metal roof is believed to attract lightning, but that is not true. According to the Metal Construction Association, metal roof does not increase the likelihood of a lighting strike. In case that happens, the metal roof is less combustible compared to traditional roofing materials like shingles or wood shakes.


They Can Be More Cost Effective


Even though most metal roof products have warranties that are comparable to popular asphalt shingles, the former can last up to fifty years. Because of this, it will be rare for homeowners with metal roofs to have to replace their roof during the entire time they live in their homes.


They Are Impervious To Rot, Insect, and Fire


Among the main reasons why metal roof has become very popular is its resistance to fire. It is also impervious to rot, mildew, and insects like termites.


They Are More Energy Efficient


North Myrtle Beach Metal roofs can reflect solar radiant heat, and that means it can lower cooling costs by up to 25 percent.


They Can Work On Roofs With Low Slopes


It is commonly believed that a metal roof works well only with roofs that have steep slopes. However, standing seam metal roofs work well on gently pitched roofs as well. This kind of roof is set up in huge sheets with raised seams and tightly sealed to resist water penetration.



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