How Strong Storms Can Lead To A Roof Replacement

roof replacementA well-maintained roof serves an integral part in protecting the home against the elements. However, it can only do so much when it gets blown over by nature’s wrath. Even without debris flying at high speeds hitting your roof, the force of the wind alone can cause substantial damage to your roof. After a major storm, you would either need to have repairs done or a complete roof replacement depending on the severity of the damage.

How storms damage your roof

To be considered storm level, winds must reach 50-60 miles per hour. However, that number is just a benchmark of when winds start to become destructive. The actual wind speed may vary. The addition of debris makes storm winds even more dangerous to people and their property. With that said, your roof may sustain a fair amount of damage. If you’re lucky enough, you can get away with damage requiring minor repairs.

Here are common roof damages that a storm may bring

Damaged shingles – the most common type of damage you would see on any roof after a storm is on the shingles. While roof shingles can last a relatively long time on the roof without needing repairs, they don’t last forever and nor are they invincible.

Roof leaks – if your roof shingles have been ravaged by a storm, it’s only natural to assume that there are leaks on your roof that need to be fixed. The severity of the leaks may depend on how badly your shingles got damaged. In some cases, it’s not worth the effort to fix the leaks and a North Myrtle Beach roof replacement is the more financially viable option.

Battered gutters – gutters are designed primarily as ducts that collect water from the roof that leads to the downspout. A properly installed gutter can withstand strong winds. However, this does not make them immune to debris flying at high speeds. You should have them checked out by a roofing contractor if you see some gutters out of place.

What to do after a storm

After the storm has hit your area, you should consider hiring a roofing contractor. You can take pictures and videos of your roof for documentation purposes. Hire a roofer like NMB Roofing Pros. There are a number of reasons why you should look for a licensed and reputable roofer that knows how to handle cases dealing with storm roof damage. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. A reputable roofer is likely experienced with tasks such as inspecting a home after a storm hit the area. This will be especially useful when you are planning to file an insurance claim. Other than that, a reliable roofing contractor can find all damaged areas and provide you with an accurate report on what the status of your roof and what needs to be done.
  1. If you are going to hire a roofer, hire one that knows how to deal with insurance claims. They can help you with the prerequisites that make it easier for the claim to be approved.

Has your roof been recently damaged by a storm? Don’t wait long to have any damages fixed! Call NMB Roofing Pros to get a free quote on roof repair or replacement today!

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