Some Things You To Know Before You Replace Your Roof

roof replacement north myrtle beachThe roof is one of the most essential components of your home. It is the roof that keeps water out of your house. Even though most people don’t want to spend thousands on a roof replacement project, it will be a relief to have to do so for its aesthetic and crucial function. You must ensure that the job is done correctly the first time.

Important Facts Roof Replacement

Take a look around

Because a roof replacement is only a once-in-a-decade job, some roofing contractors don’t worry about customer satisfaction. Some roofers don’t have to worry about repeat customers. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing their roofer solely based on cost. Many roofing contractors use low-wage contractors to get the best possible bids. This means that you need to be careful when hiring a roofer. You should ask for references from clients and verify the reputation of any roofing contractors you are thinking about hiring.

Let Go of the Old

Two layers of asphalt roofing shingles are permitted on a roof. If you have only one layer of asphalt shingles installed, you can have another layer added right after it is installed. This will save you a lot of money and prevent a lot of mess. But, this does not mean that your roofer can’t inspect and repair the flashing or decking underneath. If you live in a cold climate, remove the old roof to allow your contractor to install an ice-water shield to stop water from leaking at the eaves.

Get the best quality

You can rest assured that your roof will be in good hands. Copper flashing is the best choice for sealing joints between roofs and walls. They may be more expensive, but they are well worth it.

Make sure you have all the papers in order

A roof replacement North Myrtle Beach can be costly depending on the size of your roof and the style you choose. The building permit, the written contract and the letter from the roofing contractor’s insurer are the most important documents. These letters confirm that the roofer is insured.

Do not pay until you see the magnet

Many nails can be found in an old roof and will end up on your lawn, mulch, or driveway. A special tool is used by roofing contractors to remove nails. It’s a huge magnet with wheels that roofers use to pass through your yard. It will catch any nails or fasteners that are dropped so it doesn’t cause flat tiers, or worse, injuries.

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