What Are New Roof Warranties?

new roofLearn the difference between standard and extended roofing warranties, as well as workmanship warranties. A new roof is an expensive investment. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the many options available and choose the best profile and color for you home.

It is important to ensure that you have sufficient warranty protection. Roof warranties can be confusing. Understanding all of your options is crucial in order to make informed decisions about the material and installer.

New Roof: Understanding the basics of roofing warranties

Although roofing warranties can seem endless, there are only three main types.

The standard manufacturer’s warranty covers the products that you have purchased

Your roofing contractor will provide a workmanship warranty that covers the installation

A manufacturer’s extended warranty covers both contractor workmanship and expanded coverage for products

We’ll be taking a closer look at each type of coverage and explaining what it all means in practice.

Manufacturers’ Standard Warranties

The industry standard for roofing shingles is a limited lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty is usually a guarantee that your home will be protected for as long as it remains in your ownership. The manufacturer will determine the extent of your protection. This can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

The majority of manufacturer warranties only cover the cost of defective materials. You are responsible for labor costs to remove and dispose off the shingles that have failed and then install new ones.

The majority of manufacturers will cover the cost to replace defective shingles within the first few years, and then provide prorated coverage thereafter. The manufacturer will provide replacement shingles if any shingles prove to be defective within the first year.

The initial coverage includes labor costs to install the replacement shingles, but does not cover tear-off or disposal of defective shingles. You’ll only get a fraction of the cost or a smaller amount of new shingles if there is a failure during the prorated period.

These standard manufacturer warranties are industry-wide and only cover defects in the factory. They don’t cover shingles that fail prematurely due to mistakes made during installation. These components may also be covered by individual warranties depending on their manufacturer.

Contractor Workmanship

Your roofing’s performance and longevity is directly affected by the contractor who installed it. A workmanship warranty is offered by skilled roofing contractors who are trusted and reliable. Some warranties offer lifetime coverage, while others have a variable length.

A longer warranty period may be better but a good workmanship warranty will protect you from material failures due to worker errors or poor installation techniques, regardless of how long the coverage lasts.

Most contractor workmanship warranties cover the roofing costs and materials required to repair the home. They also cover damage to your personal effects and furnishings.

  • Most roofer warranties exclude any issues not related to the installation work.
  • Storms, high winds, and impact damage
  • Water damage due to ice dams
  • If the roof is damaged after installation
  • Foot traffic can cause harm
  • Leaks caused by fallen tree limbs and wind-driven debris

Factors like the length of a contractor’s tenure, their track record in quality work and customer satisfaction should be more important than any warranty they offer. So make sure you thoroughly vet anyone you are considering hiring.

Extended Manufacturer Warranty = Comprehensive Coverage

The direct relationship between how long-lasting their roofing products last and the quality of the roof installation is something that leading manufacturers know well. They offer extended warranties that can be added to existing roofs by licensed contractors who have been certified to install the roofing system in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Extended warranties are usually available at an additional cost. They require that a complete new roof North Myrtle Beach system be installed. This includes certain coordinating parts such as:

  • Water and ice barriers
  • Sublayment
  • Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles
  • Soffit vents and ridge vents
  • Field and starter shingles

Trusted manufacturers offer the most comprehensive extended warranties. They provide many benefits such as:

All roof system components covered: Flashing, wood decking, fasteners and all other flashing excluded

Long-term, non-prorated or continuous coverage for defective materials. Usually includes labor costs for roof repairs and replacements. It can be extended for up to 50 year.

The roof system’s workmanship coverage covers any errors in installation. This term may be for life with prorating starting after a set number of years. It includes labor, tear-off, and disposal costs

After you have chosen a roofing brand and an installer, and determined that an extended warranty is the best option for you, make sure to review the requirements of your warranty manufacturer.

An authorized roofing contractor may be responsible for installing your roof. They will need to register the warranty with the manufacturer within the specified timeframe.

Double-checking the requirements is a good idea to avoid problems with non-registration in the event you need to file a warranty claim.

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