Will Your Insurance Cover A New Roof?

new roofWhen it comes to selling your home, you’d be faced with a long list of requirements that you need to complete. To get a good valuation on the market, you should have your home prepped up to its best condition. That involves making all the necessary repairs to boost the value of the house. Of course, that includes finding a roofer to fix any damages on the roof if any. Roof installation, repairs, or replacing it with a new roof can cost a lot of money. However, there’s a good chance that you could have your insurance pay for the repair costs if everything falls in your favor. Here’s how you could get your insurance to pay your roof repair:

Your insurance can pay for roof repair if you can manage to pull off the following:

Check your insurance coverage – most of the time, insurance will only kick in once all the stipulations are met. Insurance providers are quite strict about releasing funds to claims. They are masters of their own craft and they will find every loophole possible and use it to their advantage so they can’t pay off your claim. It’s good to be certain before making a claim. Of course, you can only find out by reviewing your insurance policy. If you already are sure that it is included in your insurance coverage, you can proceed to the next step.

Check the damage – if you’re gunning to have your roof replaced rather than just repaired, you should be ready to provide the insurance provider with a heck of a lot of proof. Assess the damage at hand. Check out all the nooks and crannies that you can possibly look at and assess the situation. Take all the pictures you need as this will come in handy with documentation. Also, it will back your claim that the damage is indeed that bad and a roof replacement is necessary. You could call a roofer North Myrtle Beach to give your roof a good look and give you a professional opinion on the matter.

Reach out to your insurance agent – you might not have all the information you need as well as all the requirements to file a claim. Check with your insurance agent for more information regarding the matter. Usually, they have all the information you will be needed for filing the claim and receiving the needed funds.

File the claim – whether it’s for roof repair or replacement, you should make an insurance claim to reduce the costs that you would have to shoulder. Once you have all the documentation ready, send it to the insurance provider and make a claim. Even though you’ve hired a roofer to check the damage, the insurance provider will still double-check. Usually, the insurance company will have its own estimator to assess the extent of the damage and the repair costs that it would likely entail. The sum of money might not be what you expect, however, it will be helpful in repairing your roof, making it ready for resale in the market.

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